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Introduction to Integral Learning by Rod 15/9/07

Last Updated: December 20, 2007


Audio of Rod's talk on Introduction to Integral Learning 15 September 07

Excerpt from the talk:

"I think what would be especially unique about this endeavor at least I hope this would constitute one of its unique features - is that in creating this platform for higher learning and integral knowledge we would not be presupposing a fixed body of knowledge that is to be offered to students. Because I think that if our intention is to discover something along the lines of the ideal law of social development and Higher Mind in the ascent towards Supermind, we must realize that there is the possibility of discovering new knowledge, and in fact it is a necessity. One of the unique features of this university of human unity would be its freedom to discover new knowledge, and a new consciousness. Manifesting this degree of freedom and unity that will enable us to discover and embody higher knowledge and methods of learning and an integral knowledge, would I think constitute our purpose, the purpose of this group in this endeavor." - Rod Hemsell

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  Rods Intro 2007-09-15.wav    (60 mins)   

Voice: Rod Hemsell

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