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Rod Hemsell on Rig Veda Part 2 (video) And Darshan Reading (Nov 24) - Satyvan & Savitri by Rod Hemsell (audio)

2013 workshops at Sri Aurobindo Learning Center, Crestone, Colorado

One day Seminar on Art and Music 27.04.2013 (audio)

Seminar: Musical interpretation and Vedic knowledge (audio)

Contextualizing Savitri

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Audio Recordings of Savitri Books 4-6 Workshop with Rod 2010

Author: Rod Hemsell

Last Updated: February 19, 2011

Audio Links

  Savitri Book 4 Canto I

  Savitri Book 4 Canto II

  Savitri Book 4 Canto III

  Savitri Book 4 Canto IV

  Savitri Book 5 Cantos I and II

  Savitri Book 5 Canto III

  Savitri Book 6 Canto I Part 1

  Savitri Book 6 Canto I Part 2

  Savitri Book 6 Canto II Part 1

  Savitri Book 6 Canto II Part 2