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Vladimir on Welcome to our Forum on Integral Paradigm of Knowledge

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Vladimir on Sri Suktam, the Hymn to the Divine Mother, the Power of Wealth

Vladimir on Sri Suktam, the Hymn to the Divine Mother, the Power of Wealth

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Integral Learning Paradigm

Author: Rod

Last Activity: May 1, 2011

In Search of an Integral Learning Paradigm

The program announced for the Spring Semester 2009 is as follows:

Toward an Integral Learning Paradigm: The Psychology of Social Development

Since Sri Aurobindo wrote the book originally titled The Psychology of Social Development (The Human Cycle), the field of developmental psychology, and related disciplines in anthropology and sociology, have pursued an understanding of human beings and societies based on patterns of development from the archaic and magical to the mythical and rational structures of thought and behavior in Gebserian terms. Important references include authors such as Howard Gardner, Ken Wilber, Abraham Maslow, Jean Gebser, and the recent field of Spiral Dynamics.

In this course we will explore Aurovilles development in such developmental terms, with reference to six primary areas of the integral paradigm: social, linguistic, architectural and artistic, philosophical, psychological, and ecological/economical. Anyone interested in participating in such an exploration, either making presentations or participating in the follow up discussions, is invited to attend.

Unity Pavilion

Saturday mornings, Jan 17- Apr 4, 9:30 12:00.


The discussion of the planning meeting of Jan.10 produced the following outline for further develeopment during the next sessions:

I. How to be together in a seminar?

a. rules - behaviors

b. no rules - behaviors

II. How to communicate through or toward an integral frequency?

a. movement, art, music, psychological practice, gardening, architecture, etc.

b. recognising universal values

1. developmental stages (individual and collective)

2. truth, good, beauty, power, freedom, harmony, perseveramce, etc.

c. creating forms of expression

III. How to make the experience a living reality?

On the basis of the projected content of the seminars, especially the focus on the Psychologicay of Social Development by Sri Aurobindo, the application of developmental psychology to understanding and furthering Auroville's development, and the questiuons formulated by the planning meeting, it should be realized that participation in this seminar requires and presupposes a frame of mind that is primarily interested in these ideas and issues, able to put aside personal preoccupations, and committed to achieving an understanding of the potentials of integral learning to further auroville's development. This would therefore primarily be a series of seminars for Aurovilians and not for those primarilyinterested in furthering their own agendas. Visitors would therefore be expected to be observers unless they have demonstrated a commitment to a longer term process. These assumptions areof course open to discussion at the next meeting.

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commented by Arul Dev on Jan 17, 2009

I thought today's discussion group on the Value Memes has started a process of looking deeper both on the intent and the form - asthe memesexpress through us ongoingly. I guess it is the more
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replied by Rod on Jan 26, 2009 (in reply to Arul Dev's comment)

Arul - Would you be willing to lead a role playing session next Sat - Jan. 31st so that these concepts can become more concrete and applicable? I would like to begin with a more philosophical more
replied by Arul Dev on Jan 28, 2009 (in reply to Rod's comment)

Rod.The following are the basic ideas I am working on. Do invite all of your feedback and comments.

So first you would be presenting the SD more