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Savitri Immersion Workshop by Rod Hemsell in Menorca, Spain (Apr 12-16), 2017Savitri and Death, Session 1, Towards the Black Void. A Savitri Immersion Workshop, August, 2017 by Rod HemsellIntegral Paradigm of Knowledge Conference 2017 Video Presentations
Savitri Immersion Workshop 2017 by Rod Hemsell in BelgiumMantra - A Savitri Immersion Workshop, California 2017, by Rod HemsellTHE INTEGRAL PARADIGM OF KNOWLEDGE SEMINAR FEB 25-26-27, 2016
Savitri Immersion Workshop by Rod Hemsell, Summer 2016The Vision and the Boon, Savitri Bk 3 Cn 4, reading and commentary on mantra by RodSavitri and the Philosophy of Consciousness by Rod Hemsell
THE INTEGRAL PARADIGM OF KNOWLEDGE SEMINAR FEB 25-26-27The Flame and the Call, Savitri Bk 4, Canto 2-3, Commentary/reading by Rod HemsellIntegral Paradigm Seminar Videos
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